The speed and versatility of Webflow, paired with the best-in-market ecommerce platform — Shopify

Shopyflow enables you to take advantage of both platforms without compromising on any features. Best of both worlds for your store's success.

Manage in Shopify

& Insights
& Discounts
& Fulfilment

Design and publish in Webflow

Product &
Collection Pages
Cart Pages
Bundles and
Cross Sells
Order & Customer Account Pages
Multi-currency &
Free until you launch
How ıt works

No-code. No export. No trade-offs.

Understand how it all comes together in 4 easy steps

Setup your store in Shopify

All your ecommerce is configured and managed in Shopify as you would do with a Shopify theme.

Sync product data to Webflow CMS

Shopyflow syncs your Shopify product information to Webflow as a CMS collection and makes real-time updates.

Build your store using Webflow

Build your store using native Webflow elements and workflows.

All your product data is sourced from the CMS. Great developer experience and better SEO.


Convert your store in Webflow Designer

Shopyflow configuration of your store elements are done in the designer using Shopyflow App that offers a library of 50+ pre-built components.

Free until you launch


Example stores

Made in Shopyflow

See Shopyflow in action. 100+ live stores and counting!

Hear it from Shopyflow users


Shopyflow’s ability to combine the frontend power of Webflow with the e-commerce capabilities of Shopify is truly a unique and game-changing development. With lots of intuitive documentation to guide you along the way, it’s simple to implement, intuitive to use and requires no development experience. On top of this they have a lovely team that are always on hand to help with any questions or issues you may have. Shopyflow is the very best solution to supercharge your Webflow e-commerce site and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Alfred Meals

Shopyflow is without a question the most powerful app on the Webflow app store. I tried for months to make my website Shopify compatible, but once I found shopyflow I was able to do it in a single afternoon. And with their latest release of klaviyo compatibility, I don’t see any reason for anyone to stay on Shopify’s frontend.

Andreas, Digital Marketer

I’ve been working with another platform on a different site. As a non-developer, it was a nightmare; I spent several months implementing the platform and ended up not using it because it was too complex. Shopyflow gives me, as a marketer, so much freedom, and it goes hand-in-hand with Webflow’s ‘no-code’ mentality. If they continue maintaining this level of support, they will win a lot of market share.

I've been using Shopyflow since it was created, and I recommend the solution 200%. On the one hand, it's efficient, and on the other, the team is great and really listens. We manage an e-commerce of over 450 products with Shopyflow!

Be Aesthetics

Fantastic app and wonderful addition to Webflow's arsenal. Fun and easy to setup.

Rafael Gomez

As an early beta user of Shopyflow, I've been thoroughly impressed with its seamless integration of Webflow with Shopify. The setup process was straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to combine the best of both platforms without any hassle. What truly sets Shopyflow apart, however, is its exceptional customer support. The team was incredibly responsive and helpful, ensuring any queries I had were addressed promptly and efficiently. Shopyflow effectively bridges the gap between Webflow's design capabilities and Shopify's e-commerce prowess, creating a unified and powerful tool for online business. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to leverage the strengths of both platforms in a cohesive manner.

Before Shopyflow our options for creating a custom e-commerce experience in Webflow were pretty limited. But now we can build everything we can imagine, which is really exciting!

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Webflow Designer APP

All the necessary building blocks of an ecommerce store and more, in Webflow designer

Your store data and cart logic is bound to your Webflow elements through Shopyflow attributes. There are a ton of them to bring all the features of Shopyflow into Webflow.

Shopyflow's Webflow App lets you access all your Shopify data and functionality as pre-configured components in Webflow designer.

Available components

All the building blocks needed to build your product pages with convenience and more
All the building blocks needed to build your cart pages, popup cart summaries and more
Design and build custom signup and login pages, order history/status modules.
Free until you launch

Sync your Shopify product data with Webflow CMS

Source your product information from Webflow CMS and build your store with real-time Shopify data. Shopyflow makes it possible with a few clicks.

Build your store with dynamic data

Keep your site data up to date with auto-sync

Serve your product pages at the speed of light

Free until you launch

Create bundles, cross sells and configurable products

Nest products inside of each other and allow your customers to add multiple products to cart at once. Using sub-products you can create:
Cross sells
Configurable products
Products with
3+ option groups

Build custom buy UI with Webflow elements

Make your customers store experience unique with fully custom option selectors. Create custom selectors for:
Store Currency

Multi-currency and localisation

Easily localise your store for different markets with the Currency selector component that works seamlessly with Webflow localisation.

Custom customer account pages in Webflow

Design and build custom signup and login pages, order history/status modules.
Product & CART NOTES

Create customizable products with cart and product notes

Use Cart Note and Product Note components to allow your customers to submit custom information with their orders.

Easily set up pages for subscription products

Design and build custom UI for selling your subscription products. Works with all Shopify subscription apps.

No-code integrations with GA4, Pixel, Klaviyo and more

Shopyflow's integrations ensure you don't lose any e-commerce data and help you run more effective ads and marketing campaigns.
Free until you launch


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Ask a question

Do I need the Webflow e-commerce plan?

You don't need a Webflow E-commerce plan. Depending on your needs, you will need a Webflow Basic or a CMS plan.

How does checkout work?

All the shopping experience except for payment happens in Webflow. Once your customers goes to checkout, they will be redirected to Shopify's checkout page to complete their purchases.

Can I still use my Shopify apps?

Most of the Shopify apps either work with Shopyflow or we find a custom solution for you. Reach out to us!

Do I need to convert my Webflow site into a Shopify theme?

No. Our Shopyflow brings Shopify into Webflow. From start to end you will stay in Webflow. No theme conversion or Shopify development is required.

How can I update my store in Webflow?

Just as you are updating a regular Webflow site. Update & publish in Webflow.

Can I use 3rd party libraries to filter and sort my products when using CMS?

Yes! Finsweet and Jetboost's solutions do wonders with Shopyflow.

Which payment methods will be available to my customers with Shopyflow?

All the payment methods that are available in your Shopify store will also be available when using Shopyflow.

Do I need a Shopify theme?

No. You won't be using your Shopify theme. You will stay in Webflow.

What about discounts and coupons?

Using automatic product discounts, order discounts and coupon codes is possible with Shopyflow.

I have a large catalog of products. Should I use Shopyflow?

If you have thousands of products, Shopyflow might not be the right solution for you. Our CMS approach requires creating CMS items for each unique product variant which means you will hit Webflow's CMS limits quite fast.

Will my store be secure?

Yes. Shopyflow is powered by Shopify’s Storefront API. It’s a public API. This means Shopyflow can only access to publicly available information. Nothing else.

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