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The speed and versatility of Webflow, paired with the best-in-market ecommerce features of Shopify. Shopyflow allows you to take advantage of both products without compromising on any features.

Total creative
control of your store.
Tons of no-code features out of the box
Unmatched site speed.
Marketing workflows with forms and logic.
Little to no need for developer support.
Build, launch, iterate in hours not weeks.

Take complete control of your storefront with no effort.

Shopyflow empowers you to build and maintain a fully-custom Shopify storefront without complex infrastructure.

Now you can create a  top-of-the-line shopping experience with the best no-code site builder that offers limitless design features and excellent site speed.

Enrich your store design
Increase site speed
Fine-tune your SEO
Build advanced forms
Launch and iterate fast
Screenshots from a product page and Webflow Designer

Best of Both Worlds

Shopyflow is the perfect marriage of two best-in-class tools. The best of both worlds for your store's success.

An image showing the relation between Shopify, Shopyflow and Webflow
Payment Gateways
Analytics & Insights
Orders  & Discounts
Customers & Fulfilment
Best no-code
site builder
Unmatched site speed
Robust CMS
Forms & Automation
Advanced SEO

Seamless integration at it’s best

Webflow publishing menu
No Exports.
Hit the publish button in Webflow and your store is live.
No export or theme conversion is required. Shopyflow brings your Shopify store into Webflow. Not the other way around.
A product image with Shopyflow attributes
No Code
Build entire shopping experience using simple attributes.
No code, embeds or third party integrations required. All the needed Shopify data and functionality is translated into an attribute.
Various store elements
No Trade-offs
Design & Style every little detail in Webflow.
Sell through Shopify.
You can design your cart, custom inputs and much more, all in Webflow
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Built with Shopyflow

See Shopyflow in action in our demo stores:
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How It Works

Shopyflow leverages Storefront API to communicate with your Shopify backend. Your up-to-date store data and cart logic is bound to your Webflow elements through Shopyflow attributes.

An image showing the relation between Shopify, Shopyflow and Webflow
Explore an example product page below. Click on the hotspots to see how components are configured with easy-to-use attributes.
Webflow designer
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes
sf-change-option="{Option Name}"
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes
sf-change-option="{Option Name}"
Custom Attributes
sf-product="{Product ID}"
Custom Attributes

A small number of powerful and easy-to-use attributes to build your custom Shopify store.


Component Library

Don’t start from scratch or worry about typing attributes. Shopyflow does it for you.

Shopyflow dynamically generates an entire library of pre-configured ecommerce building blocks as copyable Webflow elements.

All you need to do is select the product that you are building for. Copy, paste and continue styling the store in Webflow don’t worry about the attributes.

Shopyflow template library

Shopyflow Designer Extension

Access the Shopyflow Component library in Webflow Designer as a native Webflow app.

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All the building blocks you need for building a custom Shopify store at the convenience of designing in Webflow

Product Title
Variant Options
Custom Option Selectors
Add to Cart
Product Description
Quantity Controls
Product Price
Custom Quantity Controls
Cart Item Count

Nested Products

Shopyflow allows adding multiple products to cart at once. Using nested products you can create:

Configurable products
Product Bundles
Cross sells
Multistep buying experiences
Nested product


All your Shopify analytics data stays in place.

Shopyflow offers you an easy way to track customer behavior on your Webflow site by allowing you to seamlessly monitor their journey from landing on your Webflow site to completing a purchase on your Shopify checkout using Google Analytics.

Custom developed Shopify stores have to compromise the analytics features of Shopify when they move away from Shopify hosted sites. Shopyflow will soon offer the same analytics data in your dashboard.


Can not find the answer? Write us your question.

Ask a question

Do I need to convert my Webflow site to a Shopify theme?

No. Our product brings Shopify into Webflow. From start to end you will stay in Webflow. No theme conversion or Shopify development is required.

How can I update my store in Webflow?

Just as you are updating a regular Webflow site. Update & publish in Webflow.

Can I still use my Shopify apps?

For the time being you won’t be able to use apps with features such as upsell, bundle, banner, pop-up. However your Shopify backend apps will keep working.

We have plans to extend Shopyflow’s capabilities to offer most popular Shopify apps’ features.

Will my store be secure?

Yes. Shopyflow is powered by Shopify’s Storefront API. It’s a public API. This means Shopyflow can only access to publicly available information. Nothing else.

How much extra will it cost to run a store with Shopyflow?

Shopyflow will be a subscription-based product with plans to be announced. During the private beta phase, access will be free. After the public launch, users will be able to continue using Shopyflow for free on domains.


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