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Do I need the Webflow e-commerce plan?

You don't need a Webflow E-commerce plan. Depending on your needs, you will need a Webflow Basic or a CMS plan.

How does checkout work?

All the shopping experience except for payment happens in Webflow. Once your customers goes to checkout, they will be redirected to Shopify's checkout page to complete their purchases.

Can I still use my Shopify apps?

Most of the Shopify apps either work with Shopyflow or we find a custom solution for you. Reach out to us!

Do I need to convert my Webflow site into a Shopify theme?

No. Our Shopyflow brings Shopify into Webflow. From start to end you will stay in Webflow. No theme conversion or Shopify development is required.

How can I update my store in Webflow?

Just as you are updating a regular Webflow site. Update & publish in Webflow.

Can I use 3rd party libraries to filter and sort my products when using CMS?

Yes! Finsweet and Jetboost's solutions do wonders with Shopyflow.

Which payment methods will be available to my customers with Shopyflow?

All the payment methods that are available in your Shopify store will also be available when using Shopyflow.

Do I need a Shopify theme?

No. You won't be using your Shopify theme. You will stay in Webflow.

What about discounts and coupons?

Using automatic product discounts, order discounts and coupon codes is possible with Shopyflow.

I have a large catalog of products. Should I use Shopyflow?

If you have thousands of products, Shopyflow might not be the right solution for you. Our CMS approach requires creating CMS items for each unique product variant which means you will hit Webflow's CMS limits quite fast.

Will my store be secure?

Yes. Shopyflow is powered by Shopify’s Storefront API. It’s a public API. This means Shopyflow can only access to publicly available information. Nothing else.